Borttagare WS 90, För packningar, tätningar, lim m.m. 400ml


The WEICON sealant and adhesive remover dissolves and quickly eliminates sealant and hardened adhesive residues as well as lacquers and paints, even on vertical surfaces.

Technical data:

- suitable for metal, glass, wood, ceramics, polyethylene, polypropylene

- colour: pink

- dissolves all kinds of sealant residues from cylinder heads, oil pans, 

  water pumps, valve covers, exhaust manifolds and gear flanges

- also reliably removes carbon residues, oils, resins, greases and tar

Technical data:

  • Model: Solvent
  • Colour: milchig / weiß
  • Contents: 400 ml
  • Operating temperature: +15 bis +25 °C

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